Sliding Shower Doors Function, Style, Savings.

These days shower doors come in a wide variety of designs, styles, and prices. It is worth putting some thought into finding one that both looks great and will suit your bathroom needs. Installing a shower door enclosure can bring your bathroom up to date in terms of style and functionality.

Let's first talk about the Function:

Sliding shower doors take up the least amount of room and can be fitted where space is at a premium. Because they glide open and shut, bypass sliding doors need tracks to operate. The newest designs are made of high quality stainless steel and offer easy-clean tracks that do not trap dirt and hard water grime.


The crown jewel of the shower door is the frameless heavy-glass hinge door. These doors are made of clear glass and have very minimal metal. With smooth open-close glides, these doors look as beautiful as the function that they offer. They create an illusion of larger space, with tile to be seen rather than hidden. When you are inside of the shower, these clear glass doors pass more light, and you do not feel confined in your shower.


Frameless shower doors, especially those that are with stainless steel glides and accessories, can cost as high as $4,000. For example we have found some 60 inches doors on that are manufactured by Kohler to be sold as high as $3,899. Guess what? People still buy them for that astronomical price! Most of our highest quality shower doors are sold below $1,000. Why such difference? Well, for most part, because we west straight to the source, to one of the best manufacturers of frameless shower doors: LessCare. They have been manufacturing shower doors for many years, and only stock the most popular sizes. Smart business equals better prices. is an Authorized Distributor of LessCare Shower Doors and Bath Products.

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