Investing Into Your Airbnb Bathroom
Airbnb is most likely to increase property values for smaller homes under 1,000 square feet. There are many interesting development in this hot real-estate market, but we wanted to focus on home improvement, specifically, your Airbnb bath.

Experts say bathroom renovation in your Airbnb rental property, will drive up property values. Short-term rental market is a hot thing, and many are starting to understand just how valuable renovations are when it comes to your vacation property.

If you watch HGTV, flipping properties like the twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott may seem like a great investment. These transformations are fast (on TV) and fun to watch. However, if you’re not careful, it can land you in a world of financial misery.

That's why, the first space in your property that you should focus on is the bathroom. Just think of your property as a hotel. When you stay at lavish hotels, bathrooms is what they tend to focus on the most. Clean, modern, and well kept bath is the key to a great Airbnb review.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to work with knowledgeable professionals, especially when it comes to plumbing or installing your shower doors that we hope you purchased from In most cases, you would require a second person to assist you with installations of bathroom items like vanities, toilets, and especially glass shower doors.

Ultimately, you have to weigh the cost of your renovation project against the profit you stand to make from your rentals, but that is often a great investment.

Best of luck to you with your Airbnb bathroom renovation!

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